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canstockphoto0978399Do you wake up dreading what’s expected of you?

Do you feel like you’re being forced to do something you weren’t cut out for?

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time and potential?

If so, then [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto25876465 (1)Why does the hamster enjoy its hamster wheel?

It seems silly, doesn’t it?

When we go to the pet store, we make sure to stop by the hamsters and peak at what they’re up to. It’s always the same- sleeping, eating, and running on that hamster wheel.

“It’s so cute!” we say through smiling faces. We give them one last adoring look, then off to get dog food.

It’s cute to us humans because we would never do this. We wouldn’t subject ourselves to living in cages and working 40hrs/week on the hamster wheel. That would be ridiculous!

Well, come to find out, the hamster loves his wheel because he’s living out his ancestor’s instincts. In a hamster’s natural habitat, it may run up to five miles/day for his daily workload.

The hamster is merely acting out what is in his nature, what he was built to do.

And as ridiculous as it may sound, we humans often behave in the hamster’s likeness. [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto6804330“You’re smarter than this.”

Have you ever thought that to yourself?

Of course you have.

It’s because you can easily rifle through your mind’s filing cabinet and access all of the incredibly intelligent things you’ve done and said in your life.

It’s hard to stomach the duality of it.

In one hand, you have the memory of that time you said the perfect strings of words. Or that other time you acted with confidence in the swirls of uncertainty.

In the other hand, you have your most recent bonehead move. [Read More Here…]


sn183-ee998ae9-398c-4e2b-bb24-a404ff8a1ec8-v2I am proud to share my story with you!

I’ll be honest – my journey back to health was a lot of work, and a lot of sacrifice.  But, having reversed my advanced osteoporosis I can now live the life that I was really meant to live.  I have traveled to over 135 countries, on all 7 continents studying diet and nutrition alongside my husband, Dr. Jayson Calton.  That certainly would not have been possible had we not spent years working to reverse my condition.  Now, we get to help others by sharing what worked for me…and nothing makes me happier than when I hear about someone else reversing or improving their health condition after following the advice we offered in our first book Naked Calories or one of the 9 conditions specific protocols (including one for bone health) we offer in our new book The Micronutrient Miracle.

I think the most important thing we can teach people is the fact that in order to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, or any other health condition or disease, creating a state of micronutrient (or vitamin and mineral) sufficiency is the key.  You body requires these essential micronutrients to be healthy so we created a simple three-step plan that can help others to achieve this healing micronutrient sufficient state for themselves.

Step One: Switch To Rich Food

Before I changed my diet and my health I was under the impression that I was eating healthy food.  Wow!  Did I have a lot to learn? Little did I know that my diet of fat free muffins and black coffee for breakfast, spinach salads with no-fat dressing for lunch, and low fat steamed Chinese food for dinner was literally robbing me of my bone health. Now, Jayson and I teach people how to identify micronutrient Rich Food that will boost their metabolism and fill their body with the essential micronutrients they need to protect their health, and enable them to function at peak performance levels at work and play.  High quality, micronutrient Rich Foods supply greater amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. In our second book, Rich Food Poor Food, we teach individuals how to identify the healthiest, most micronutrient rich options in each and every aisle of the grocery store. Simply switching to micronutrient Rich Foods over micronutrient depleted Poor Foods with dangerous additives can assure you greater micronutrient intake.  For example, pasture raised hens, which are allowed free access to grass, sunshine, and insects, produce eggs that contain up to ten times more omega-3s, and three to six times more vitamin D than the eggs from factory farmed hens raised in confinement. This simple RICH FOOD swap packs a ton more micronutrients in every bite.

Step Two: Drive Down Depletion

It is also imperative to identify something we call Everyday Micronutrient Depleters (EMDs) – dietary and lifestyle habits that may be directly robbing you of micronutrients, and the optimal health you deserve.  I had to learn to avoid numerous EMDs hiding in foods, such as the phosphoric acid (often found in soda), sugar (hiding everywhere these days), and phytic and oxalic acid (found in grains, beans and some greens such as spinach) in order to make sure they were not depleting my bones of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.  Additionally, I swapped out my long micronutrient zapping aerobic workouts for our signature 20 minute Zero Movement Training (ZMT) cardiovascular workouts and our One Set To Failure (1STF) weight baring workouts to avoid excess mineral loss through sweat and to stimulate my bone growth. Lastly, I had to identify the actions I was engaged in that might affect my micronutrient sufficiency levels such as taking certain over-the-counter or prescription medications, stress, my love of red wine and even household toxins. It was very eye opening experience and really made me aware of how many things we all encounter everyday that can deplete us of the micronutrients we need to maintain our health.

Step Three: Smart Supplementation – Learn the ABCs.

The body simply cannot function without proper micronutrient nourishment, but in our modern world of vitamin and mineral depleted soil, factory farming, food processing and global food distribution our food is simply not supplying us with an adequate supply of these essential micronutrients.  When Jayson and I began the process of re-nourishing my body to rebuild my bones we identified four common formulation flaws affecting most supplements on the market.

We call them the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines:

A is for Absorption: Often the micronutrients in multivitamins are poorly absorbed due to poor disintegration of pills, tablets and capsules as well as the binders, fillers, excipients and sugar often added to most formulations.

B is for Beneficial Quantities and Forms: Most multivitamins don’t contain beneficial quantities of many important micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium and include synthetic or inferior forms of others such as folic acid or vitamin E.

C is for Micronutrient Competition: Our 6-year intense study of these micronutrients taught us that there are antagonistic or competitive relationships between the micronutrients themselves, and that unless these competitions are eliminated through proper formulation the benefits of more than 80% of the micronutrients in a typical multivitamin may be reduced or eliminated.

S is for Micronutrient Synergies: Micronutrients that have been shown to enhance the absorption or utilization of one another must be paired properly to allow for enhanced health benefits to occur. But often synergies cannot take place until micronutrient competitions are accounted for.

By addressing these four common formulations flaws we were able create a completely new kind of multivitamin.

In fact, the technology was so new and different we were granted a US patent.  The truth is, if there had been even one other multivitamin, anywhere in the world, that met the ABC’s of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines, we would have used it; and had it worked, we would be doing everything in our power to get it into your hands right now. But there wasn’t one. Our decision to manufacture our reinvention of the multivitamin called nutreince (pronounced like the word nutrients) was truly a labor of love, born out of desperation and necessity. Nutreince is not just a multivitamin to us; it is a part of our story; a piece of who we are. In reality, it is the natural progression of our research. It helped my body absorb the essential micronutrients it needed in a whole new way, allowing me to heal, rebuild bone and live my optimal life.

Well, there you have it.  Following these three simple steps helped me to become micronutrient sufficient and reverse my advanced osteoporosis and now they have helped many other women do this as well. The miraculous thing is that we believe that these same micronutrients also have the power to reverse todays most debilitating health conditions and diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even obesity. And now everyone can experience the healing power of micronutrient sufficiency by following the 28-day plans we outline in our new book The Micronutrient Miracle. We will be sharing the incredible stories of people who have followed the 28-Day plan in future blogs, but believe me when I say that you are going to be completely shocked when you see their extraordinary results. My miracle was reversing my advanced osteoporosis in only 2 years – the only question left is…what will your miracle be?


Order a copy of The Micronutrient Miracle and email your receipt to the Caltons by August 31, 2015 and receive $200 in gift certificates good for high quality wild caught fish, grass fed-meat, organic pantry staples and many other non-toxic beauty and cleaning supplies. Click here for more information.

To learn more about signs and symptoms of osteoporosis, and to hear some of my story first hand, watch this clip of Jayson and I chatting with Carol Alt about my diagnosis. 


According to a 2010 report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, one-half of Americans take at least one prescription medication. One out of every five children and nine out of every ten adults age sixty and over take at least one prescription drug. In fact, almost 40 percent of older Americans take five or more prescription drugs per month.

With such a large percentage of the population taking prescription medications, it is extremely important that we discuss what effect they might have on one’s personal micronutrient sufficiency. According to Hyla Cass, M.D., author of Supplement Your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutrition, “Drug-induced nutrient depletion is far more common than we thought.” Yet, it seems that most of the individuals who take these medications are unaware of this serious side effect. While the prescriptions in America may come with “may cause drowsiness” warnings, they do not come with “causes micronutrient depletion” warnings. [Read More Here…]


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