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Can You Forgive?

by Richard on

how to forgiveI believe it was the Buddha himself who pointed out that staying angry with someone is like carrying a hot piece of coal intending to throw it, but never letting go.

It’s you who gets burned!

Let’s tease apart this knotty problem by first asking its partner question: “Can you forget?”

To “forgive and forget” is [Read More Here…]

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happiness - is happiness attainable for everyoneHow do you know when you’re happy?

What’s more, when you get there, how do you stay there?

Happiness is one of those ethereal concepts that we sort of define by being aware of when it’s ‘missing’ from our lives, a bit like good [Read More Here…]


the mantra to end all mantras - 4991What is a mantra?

It’s some string of words you give your attention to.

Ok, how about, “I’m ugly”?

Mmm… How about something a little more constructive? Try something that will help you to perform to the best of [Read More Here…]


inspirational wallpaper image quotesI can’t believe that I didn’t think to share these with you sooner!

See, at the start of each month I set up new inspiring wallpaper images (with quotes) to rotate on my computer…

So today I wanted to share a package containing 8 of my inspirational wallpapers to help begin your month freshly inspired…

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Many years ago when I first qualified as an NLP trainer, I partook in a deep immersion self-improvement / transformation day.  This involved (amongst many other things) to really reach deep inside myself and find what I truly desired in life, at an overall

My answers were: freedom, passion, and love. level.

For me, having these 3 things in life is the ultimate.  From these three states, all else wonderful flows.  Your deepest desires may be different or they may be similar to mine.

But the most important question I want to pose to you today is: [Read More Here…]


7 Ways to Create The “Life Adventures” Your Yearn For

Some believe that fate determines their lives. Others abide by the expression, “Life is what you make it.” Although it’s fine to believe in fate, if you want something different, exhilarating, or exciting in life, it might not work out so well to sit around waiting for fate to produce it. Use these strategies to [...]

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