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imaginationHave you ever stopped to wonder why you have an imagination?

It was never anything that was truly encouraged to blossom and flourish at school …nor at home in many cases.

“Get your head out of the clouds” … “stop being so silly” … “stop daydreaming and start concentrating” … were just a few comments I remember hearing when I was growing up.

And as far as I know, Darwin never gave it a second thought when it came to the survival of the species. [Read More Here…]


waitingPatience, child, patience!

It doesn’t help, does it?

As a piece of advice it’s as useless as a chocolate teapot.

When you want something you want it NOW.

If you didn’t want it now, you wouldn’t want it at all, because you wouldn’t want it yet, if you see what I mean. [Read More Here…]


progressRandy Gage, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, once pointed out that many of us grew up in an age where our mothers spent the whole day on Sundays preparing the dinner…

Nowadays, he observed, we stand in front of the microwave shouting “Hurry up!

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding manifesting with the law of attraction is; [Read More Here…]


motivationI’m going to say something surprising.

Take it as a whack on the side of the head, because you need this one, okay?

Here it is: When you’re down, disheartened or discouraged you may actually want to stay there.

Now you think I’m a loony.  Who would want to stay feeling down? [Read More Here…]


IDontKnowThis isn’t about you, so don’t take this article personally, okay?

You may know someone who never learns, but not you.  I mean, you’re here aren’t you, reading this?  You love learning. [Read More Here…]

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