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In a now famous moment during one of his seminars, personal development superstar Anthony Robbins asked a fit, healthy, happily married multi-millionaire who happened to be in the audience if he considered himself successful.

To everyone’s amazement, including Robbins’, the man said “No.”

Turning to the entire audience, Robbins asked if anyone considered themselves successful.  One young man could barely contain himself.  He said: [Read More Here…]


SleepingAaah, there’s nothing like a really good night’s sleep, is there?

And for exactly that reason, there’s almost nothing worse than finding your brain whirring and buzzing with troublesome thoughts – and sleep evading you.

So here are three soothing ideas that not only will help you sleep but will also augment the quality of your waking life too.

3 Soothing Bedtime Routines You Can Adopt Today: [Read More Here…]


sorrySorry,” Sir Elton John reminded us, “seems to be the hardest word.”

It’s not comfortable taking the blame, but if you’ve caused hurt to another (accidentally or otherwise), the most loving thing you can do – at least to start the repair – is to say you’re sorry.

But hold on a sec… [Read More Here…]


CandleI know, I know – this is a little like asking what love means.

It’s one of those questions with no definitive answer, yet it is important that you at least know what “spiritual growth” means to you.

Seriously, because it can change your life. [Read More Here…]


obeThat was the headline I saw in the newspaper just the other day! [Read More Here…]


4 Bad Excuses Holding Good People Back!

Pause for a moment to reflect on your life so far and it’s a fair bet that there’ll be some “I wish” moments. You know: dates you were too afraid to ask for, jobs you thought you wouldn’t get, risks you dared not take. I’m not talking about big regrets, just the little moments that [...]

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