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RAL picWe’re picking up where our last article left off.

Our goal is to provide ourselves with relief- “ourselves” with relief.

Not through prescriptions, not through distractions, no smoke, no mirrors- just [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto15291916It’s the coldest day of the year.

In fact, it’s the coldest day in the past five years. You know it is because everybody said so on TV.

You feel the bite on the walk to and from your car. The seemingly unearthly conditions immediately zap the moisture from the small amount of skin still exposed on your face. Somehow the wind knows your jacket better than you and keeps finding ways to creep in.

You finally make it home after a long commute from work.

You get inside, take off your boots, and… then what?

What is it that you do to find relief? [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto10267492You NEED to get what you want- there’s no way around it.

You NEED to get what you want- even if it’s not “good” for you.

You NEED for these two things happen.

1.      Realize your powers in Manifestation.
2.     Look at your Manifestation and decide if this “thing” is “good” for you or not- then move on.

The “move on” is vital to your [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto0978399Do you wake up dreading what’s expected of you?

Do you feel like you’re being forced to do something you weren’t cut out for?

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time and potential?

If so, then [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto25876465 (1)Why does the hamster enjoy its hamster wheel?

It seems silly, doesn’t it?

When we go to the pet store, we make sure to stop by the hamsters and peak at what they’re up to. It’s always the same- sleeping, eating, and running on that hamster wheel.

“It’s so cute!” we say through smiling faces. We give them one last adoring look, then off to get dog food.

It’s cute to us humans because we would never do this. We wouldn’t subject ourselves to living in cages and working 40hrs/week on the hamster wheel. That would be ridiculous!

Well, come to find out, the hamster loves his wheel because he’s living out his ancestor’s instincts. In a hamster’s natural habitat, it may run up to five miles/day for his daily workload.

The hamster is merely acting out what is in his nature, what he was built to do.

And as ridiculous as it may sound, we humans often behave in the hamster’s likeness. [Read More Here…]


How To Instantly Unlock Your Hidden Third Eye Intelligence

“You’re smarter than this.” Have you ever thought that to yourself? Of course you have. It’s because you can easily rifle through your mind’s filing cabinet and access all of the incredibly intelligent things you’ve done and said in your life. It’s hard to stomach the duality of it. In one hand, you have the [...]

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