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SupriseMaybe you can recall the day you found out that Santa wasn’t real.

The magic was gone forever.

But never mind, because here you are, all grown up, and along comes the law of attraction!

You don’t even have to send a note up the chimney any more; the law of attraction will give you whatever you desire just because you imagine it and believe in it.

Now, relax, it’s okay.  I’m not going to burst another bubble… at least not in the way you might think…   [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto7734492Imagine a diamond encrusted, solid gold Ferrari parked on your driveway right now.

Imagine it’s yours.

Close your eyes and visualize that for a minute.  It’s okay – I’ll wait. [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto5934418Here’s the honest truth:

Happiness isn’t something you can pursue because as long as you’re in pursuit you aren’t being happy!

You can only be happy, you can’t chase it.

Let me prove it to you :) [Read More Here…]


canstockphoto0072085The root of all evil? The “stinking rich?”

What’s going on? How did money ever get such a bad rap? And why is it so often regarded as mutually exclusive to spirituality?

I’m going to attempt to address all of those big questions and come to a sensible conclusion in one brief article … so stick with me! [Read More Here…]


IntuitionAlmost certainly…

You’ve at least once had the experience that you followed some intuition and, despite the odds, things worked out well.  Even miraculously.

The interesting phrase in that sentence is “almost certainly” – because it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t identify with that experience.  [Read More Here…]


Failure as the Single Best Marker of Human Success

Take a moment, please, and imagine you’d never had any problems in your life.  Not one. Sounds like paradise? Take a deeper look.

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