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5 Ways to Keep Your Fears From Holding You Back In 2015Now look.  Don’t get me all wrong.  I’m not anti-fear.  We’d all be jumping in front of traffic and putting ourselves in danger if we didn’t have a brake as well as an accelerator pedal. [Read More Here…]


JumpingforjoyI Want Your Resolutions To Come True In 2015.  So when it comes to this time of year, and we’re making our resolutions…

We should ask ourselves why we find it so difficult to change?

Because when you stop to think about it, it should be great fun and very pleasurable to achieve our goals, our target weight, optimum health and be living out all of our dreams…

But somehow, it’s not.  Many people struggle with these things.

There’s a very basic psychological principle at work which, once you see it, is like one of those “Aha! moments.

That very vision will instantly free you to make the kinds of changes you’ve always wanted to with relative ease.

So allow me to pull back the curtain on this and then you’ll have a much better chance of making your resolutions come true.

There is a fundamental human need which is the need to be liked.  Don’t underestimate this innocuous sounding piece of trivia.  It’s actually part of our survival instinct!  If your tribe threw you out of your cave, you were as good as dead.

Humans need to work in communities, whether it’s hunting in groups or relying on the people who supply my broadband all doing their jobs so that I can upload this article and you can read it.

Being liked is crucial.  When we show up in certain ways, not only do we get used to ourselves, but all our closest friends and relatives know us that way too.

Some people even get described by their characteristics, don’t they?  “Which one is Sue? Oh, yes, I remember, she’s the one who’s always late for meetings.”

Now, suppose Sue makes a resolution on December 31st that she’s going to be early for everything from now on …  Okay, that’s hardly likely to get her ostracized, but you see my point, don’t you?

Change, however positive, has a price on its head, which is usually far worse in imagination than it ever is in reality, but there is a fear that our friends may be a little less friendly.  It’s envy on their part, pure and simple, but it can feel uncomfortable.

So now you know what that little tug is, which puts the brake on you making your resolutions work out… what’s the antidote?

Well, you have to put more leverage on yourself than those nagging doubts do.

You know you want to change, you know what kind of difference those changes would make to your life and to the way you feel about yourself.  (Don’t ever underestimate the joy of self confidence and feeling good in your own skin.)

Get clear about how good it’s going to feel, how good you look and how amazing life is going to be when you’ve made your change.  Really clear, so you can visualize it enough to make you smile.

Then turn it on its head.

Imagine this time next year you’ve done absolutely nothing about it.  You’ll be a year older and that’s it.  No wiser, no better.  Absolutely stuck in your rut.  Go on, beat yourself up a bit.

How much does that hurt… knowing you could have changed and bettered yourself, but you chose to stagnate?  Imagine looking at your face in the mirror one year from today.  How pathetic is that face reflecting back at you?


Take a breath.  Come back to this moment, this New Year.  Thank your lucky stars it’s not too late and you can still choose that brighter, better future for yourself this year.

Your friends will still love you.  In fact, you’ll inspire them.

Just as I hope I have inspired you this year.

Here’s to an inspiring year ahead … where you’re clear on your vision and take positive steps to make it happen for you.  This Year.

Remember, the most important person you should be trying to impress and have like you is…YOU.  It’s the person you have to live with 24/7.  This is the person who matters most.

When you get this right, everything else flourishes in mysterious ways.

With much love,


PS: Over to you…  Please feel free to leave you important thoughts & comments below… I love hearing from you!


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