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LifeCoachConfucius, that great sage, once said, “He who put world in order must put self in order first.”

Despite my attempts during my youth to refute this wisdom, the ancient Chinaman turns out to be right!  And these days, there’s a lot of people who’d like you to believe they can put your life in order.

And then there’s a whole bunch more who think they can put the lives of others in order. [Read More Here…]


The Biggest Fear Of All

by Richard on

fearIf there was ever a time when you or I fell for the notion that life was supposed to be easy it was probably when we were around four years of age.

Now, before you get worried that I’m going down a dark, depressing hole here, don’t panic. I’m not.

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focusOK… so you’ve heard of acting “as if” haven’t you?  Well here’s what you should focus on so you can act “as if” (successfully) without the usual discouragement that sometimes springs up along with it…

Today I wanted to share these special words from my friend and mentor Dr. Robert Anthony…

So over to you Dr. Robert… [Read More Here…]


bb4451When getting started with the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to overlook some of the steps.  When broken down, each little piece of the manifestation puzzle is very simple.  So simple, in fact, that it can be easy to forget or underestimate one of the steps along the way.

Let’s look at each of the steps and why they are important, as well as the nuances of how to put them to work for you.

The first step is to identify your desire. [Read More Here…]


gravityYou’ve probably heard about and maybe even practiced the “Law of Attraction” to bring better things into your life.

It’s one of our brain’s most natural and powerful talents. Countless people all over the world have used this “law” to attract wealth and abundance to themselves and the people they love.

So why have so many more tried and failed? [Read More Here…]


The Most Influential Self-Help Book Of All Time?

Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and Zig Ziglar – have all been strongly influenced by this book! I’m talking about, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Psycho-Cybernetics, written in 1960, would have to be one of the most influential self-help books of all time. In fact, it’s had a profound influence on many more recent books, courses and [...]

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