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4707 - blogpost image - stop worrying and enjoy lifeGot the blues?

It’s okay – everyone has their off days.  But that’s the most it should be – a day.  The problem is, when times are hard, it’s all too easy to allow life to steam roller you into a permanent glum state.

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canstockphoto1727058There are some affirmations which, I have to be honest, grate on my nerves a little.  You know the sort: the sugary sweet ones that are basically nothing more than delusional, such as,

“I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy …” when in fact you can’t afford a hill of beans.

Whilst I’m all for believing in your power to change, and using affirmations (in all forms) to do so… [Read More Here…]


Try This Quick Quiz…

by Richard on

koalaWhen I was growing up that was the theme of a road safety campaign that the Government ran in Australia. It was a cartoon of Koala Bear sitting in a tree asking a question about road driving rules and safe driving practices. They didn’t mention texting and driving because back then mobile phones hadn’t even been thought of :)

It became a very popular catch phrase at the time and for some reason has always stayed with me. I guess the creators of the advertisement would be happy about that.

Anyway – I thought I ask you to “Try this quick quiz” which is all about driving confidently through life… [Read More Here…]


BlankBook“Hello! Pleased to meet you. 

What do you do?

You’ve had conversations that start like that a million times – and the first thing the stranger greeting you wants to know is what “pigeon hole” to put you in.

Of course, we’re just as guilty of doing it to others.  It’s an easy ice breaker and such a stock question that it’s a fair bet that you have a stock answer prepared, right? [Read More Here…]


happinessHow wonderful it would be if you could manifest success for your children!  Or have the person you’ve loved from afar for ages suddenly, mysteriously find themselves in love with you!

Wait a minute though. [Read More Here…]


Your Imagination, the Ultimate Success Tool

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you have an imagination? It was never anything that was truly encouraged to blossom and flourish at school …nor at home in many cases. “Get your head out of the clouds” … “stop being so silly” … “stop daydreaming and start concentrating” … were just a few comments [...]

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