Here’s what's going on:

For over a decade now, I’ve been helping people just like you to live more vibrant, energy filled, self-aware and powerful lives.

In fact, the results my clients get during their short time with me is often "breathtaking" for them (as you're about to discover!) Some have even said I've been blessed with a "natural gift".

Maybe so. But the fact is, during this past decade, I've virtually become a “jedi master” in my ability to do these 3 amazing things:

 *'Pin-point' exactly what’s holding a person back in their life…

 *Rapidly eliminate those destructive thought patterns, habits, fears and obstacles that stand in their way of a better life, by using some very unique, highly effective and cutting-edge techniques.

 *And then very quickly 'turning their life around' to be one they are abundantly more happier with, feel grateful for, and are proud of.

And because of this talent, I've been fortunate enough over these years to have helped thousands of people in their quest for a better life.

Here's what just a few of my 'private clients' have to say...  

Barbara R. - New York

"And I AM getting the results! ... I now have enough income to pay all my bills!"

When I first started working with Richard, my life was a complete and total disaster!

Every area of my life needed major sprucing up! No career or job, no relationship, no stable home, and I had given up my friends!

I have to say that the worst thing about my life was my hopelessness!

And no wonder, because I had worked with three other coaches, who failed to help me out of my slump.

The best thing Richard did, and continues to reinforce, is to hold for me the vision that life can get better, that everything can get fixed, that I can change my thinking, and that I will have the results I want if I keep following on his program.

And I AM getting the results! Just today I got a sixth client in my new business, just started 6 months ago, and I now have enough income to pay all my bills! And this is just the beginning...

What is so amazing about working with Richard, and how he is different from everyone else I've encountered, is that he's totally able to see the problems, create a reasonable plan, and provide the tools and support that make it possible to work towards my goals.

I cannot believe that I am smiling and hopeful and excited about the future.

He is absolutely brilliant, working with emotions and life tasks simultaneously to create an amazing process.

He has a special quality that cannot be put into words, which is the right combination of all the right stuff to really and truly turn an unmanageable life into something really worth living!

Barbara - New York.


Carol M - Reno

"My life has had a makeover:) First, I am successful in all aspects of my life because I am living MY life... "

I was a lost soul. I was miserable but I managed to go through the motions of everyday living but I wasn't sure why.

I did not realize how much of a coma I was in until I started working with Richard. I knew I needed and wanted to change but I did not know how or where to even start. I was exhausted and bored.

I trust Richard completely. It is very important to me that he doesn't judge or trying to sell me something.

He walks me through the obstacles and challenges that I face in life. I am truly grateful for his coaching because he never gives me the answers but allows me the opportunity to discover the answers for myself.

As a result I am far more successful in my life. I grew up with a father that thought for me and made decisions for me. It is very empowering to live a life that I lead. I appreciate that I have our coaching sessions to utilize as a guide and sounding board.

My life has had a makeover:) First, I am successful in all aspects of my life because I am living MY life...not someone else's version.

When I started working with Richard, I was ranked in the bottom half of earnings at work. I moved up to the top half by the end of last year and I am currently ranked in the first quintile.

I am ranked in the middle of the first quintile when I have always been told that I could never be successful because I have a small market and my office has mediocre producers...the list of excuses could go on and on.

I have made friends and joined boards. I get out and have more fun now than I ever have. People count on me:) and I am a great mom.

Prior to working with Richard I considered it to be a huge accomplishment that I got out of bed every morning and went through the motions. I tried to live for my daughter...I was on her back constantly about what to do and when to do it.

Today I let her live her life. She makes choices (in the highest and best way) for herself. We discuss the outcome of her choices. I thoroughly enjoy watching her create her path in life. I am so grateful to have her in my life. We teach each other and guide each other in life without asking the other to bend to our own individual will.

We appreciate each other and what we contribute to the family. Thank you Richard for all of the blessings you have helped me to reap. I am so in love with myself in a way I never thought possible.

Thank you! Carol

MaryAnn - G Spain

"Thanks to him I, too, am a life coach. I've found my purpose in life and the voice to realize it."

To put it bluntly, Richard A Luck is amazing.

When I first signed on as his client I was in a very deep, dark place. I had fought depression and self destructive attitudes most of my life and won for the most part, but now I faced something that was even more difficult. I was in my mid fifties and needed fulfillment in my life. There was so much in me that needed a voice and so many things I saw as hindrances to overcome, that I couldn't see any way of fulfilling my dreams, or even finding that voice. I've always been a fighter, but it was a constant uphill battle and the fight was going out of me. I was desperate.

Enter Richard A. Luck. I had gone through his "Breakthrough to Brilliance" course, and it had opened my eyes and inspired me to begin to believe in myself, so when the chance came to hire him as a life coach, I grabbed it with both hands. I've never regretted it.

What I love about working with him is his ability to cut through the crap and shine a light on the real issues. Things become clear and much simpler and he guides in a warm and considerate way that is so encouraging. He's been there for me through my ups and downs and never given up on me, even when I wanted to give up. I consider him as much a friend as a coach and teacher, and like every true friend, there are times when he's kicked my butt. I've needed it, believe me. :-)

Thanks to him I, too, am a life coach. I've found my purpose in life and the voice to realize it. My self esteem has skyrocketed, so has my self confidence. I struggled all my life to voice my own opinions. Now its as though a choke hold has been released and I can be honest and assertive. I'm no longer afraid of how people may view me; I now dare to be authentic because I know who I am and why I'm here. I know where I'm going and why. I also know that no one can stop me but me, and why on earth would I do that when I've come so far?

As they said in an old song - "the future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades".

Thanks, coach. You're worth your weight in gold.

Pamela Horton - USA

"In a world, of what seems to be saturated, by solicitation, get rich quick scams, personal development "gurus" and the like, I want to share my support for Richard Luck.

Richard is the real deal. He is a rare gem who truly walks his talk. He is compassionate, straight forward and has a wisdom that is un-paralleled. Giving by nature and a human who cares deeply about our world and how he impacts it. He helps lift others up in ways that have everything to do about you, the seeker, and not his ego. Truly a breathe of fresh air. I have access to 1000's of professionals and he was the first person I thought of, as to who I could trust, when working through a professional challenge.

Thank you Richard, for setting the ethics bar high. You and your mission are greatly needed and appreciated. I wish more people would model themselves after you.

Pamela Horton"