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How to Cultivate Your Purpose by Retracing Your Unique Traumas

by Richard on

canstockphoto0978399Do you wake up dreading what’s expected of you?

Do you feel like you’re being forced to do something you weren’t cut out for?

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time and potential?

If so, then you feel like most people. We humans haven’t quite figured out what we’re “supposed” to be doing.

Most of us (for whatever reason) get pointed down one path, invest, and never look back. We get stuck in habits, careers, social circles, and lifestyles that aren’t fulfilling.

Sounding familiar?

Ready for the good news?

You can change whenever you want.


“Why Me?”

Everybody has a reason for how we got here. Just go to the “New Age” section of your local book store to see how many there are.

Entertain this one:

You died. You go up to Heaven and God is there ready to greet you.

God: How was it?

You: Pretty good…kind of weird.

God: Did you learn anything.

You: Oh yeah! A ton!

God: You want to go back for another round?

You: Absolutely!

God: What kind of situation do you want me to put you in?

You: Hmm, well, I want to be nicer to people this time. Put me in Texas so I can grow up around people who are hospitable and friendly so that I may learn from them.

God: *writing down notes* Anything else?

You: I wasn’t very sensitive as a man. How about you make me a woman this time. I also want to be more expressive. Can you give me some artistic friends?

God: Sure, sure.

You: I also want to help people this time. I’m thinking children. Honestly, I think the best way I can help children is if you give me a somewhat of an unpleasant childhood- that way I can be compassionate to those who will have shared the same experiences.

After about one thousand more customizations, you’re put in your mommy’s tummy.


You and Your Unique Experiences

Regardless of how you got here (this cartoony version or some other one), here you are with your experiences. You can’t undo them. You can’t change them.

The only thing you can do is use what you got and make the most of it.

Do you feel like you’re making the most of it? If not, are you ready for a change? Are you anxious (or at least curious) to feel the power and conviction of feeling and acting in alignment with your purpose? If so, begin by looking at your wounds.

Did you have a troubled childhood? Were you negatively affected by the lack of leadership in your life? Have you struggled with interpersonal relationships?

This is where you will show and express your deepest compassions. This is where you will understand the hardships of those who are struggling.

Your understanding will do more than any other service one could hope for.

On a practical level, having endured similar hardships, you will have learned a thing or two and will be able to speed up another’s learning process.

Poof, the world is a better place because of you.


Be Thankful

Yeah, it’s difficult to be thankful for the events that have caused you so much pain, but consider how it would be otherwise- you’d be an alien.

Without suffering, you wouldn’t be able to relate to anyone. You wouldn’t be able to understand others’ motivations.

The worst part of all is that you yourself would never learn anything.

But you did, and now you can turn around and help others. So go ahead and do it. And don’t think your efforts won’t be rewarded. The feeling of helping others will supersede all other joys you’ve known.

Oh, and one more thing, get ready for Healing, and not just in one area.

A job well done in one dimension of your life will branch into another. As you heal, you will grow. As you grow, so will you’re reach.

So reach out into the world and be the change, the change you’ve always wanted.


Your Next Step

Look into your past now and observe what unique, personal events you felt have separated you from the rest. What was the most important message you learned having endured such hardships?


Food for Thought

How can you leverage your unique experiences to create value for others? Is compassion enough, or is there something else you feel like you want to do?

Please share your experiences and ideas with us by leaving a comment below. This is the perfect place to start a light or in-depth conversation.

P.S. Quick reads like this are incredibly powerful and serve well to remind us, get us back on track, and to help us learn new skills. However, for those of you out there who are interested in even bigger gains towards personal freedom, removing blocks, deepening relationships, and connecting to Source, consider Coaching. It is truly the most transformative experience you will ever have. If this is you, sign up for a free Coaching Strategy Session and learn what Coaching can do for you (serious applicants only).

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