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How to GET RID Of Your Gremlins! (Bhahaha!)

by Richard on

get rid of your gremlins lrgeAre you ready to “let go” of gremlins that are sabotaging your life?

Not only that…. they’re depleting your energy and holding back your happiness.

So, let’s draw them out right NOW!

This great new exercise will help you break free of limiting beliefs and self-judgements that harm you on a daily basis…

As it asks you to literally draw out your gremlin or inner critic.

You’ll find it will bring a fresh new awareness to how you may be sabotaging yourself and provides you with a novel way of looking at yourself, and how your mind works!

This new exercise will;

  • Bring a fresh awareness to how you may be sabotaging yourself!
  • Provides insight into your (hidden) negative thought patterns…
  • Helps you to “identify” and “let go” of gremlins or inner critics that are depleting your energy, holding back your happiness, and sabotaging your life….

It comes complete with:

  • Sample images to stimulate your thinking!
  • Simple instructions and space to draw your gremlin or inner critic
  • Uncovers the ‘origin’ of your gremlins…
  • A set of very powerful, mind stimulating, questions to help you “shine light” on your gremlins…

It’s time to begin drawing out your gremlins, inner critics and judges!!

Do it now!  PRINT THIS WORKSHEET OUT and get going :)  Then come back to this blog post and share your experiences with us…
gremlin worksheet sml
>>> Click HERE To Download Your Gremlins Worksheet! (instructions are included)

P.S. As soon as you’ve filled-out the worksheet, please come back to this post and share your experiences with us! :)

For example;
What were your learnings from doing this?  Any SURPRISES?

How could your life change and improve if you “let go” of this Gremlin?

What ONE action will you take?

Your Sharing will help others…and hold yourself accountable to move forward on your dreams :)

With great love and respect,

Talk soon!

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