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In any endeavor, success is determined by the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right motivation and the right skill… And when you have the right mindset, the rest will easily follow! Let us help you achieve everything necessary to make you successful in your life.

Personal One on One Coaching Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos
Lifetransformationz Binaural Beat Audio Millionaire Mind Subliminal Videos
Breakthrough to Brilliance Personalized Subliminal Videos
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Breakthrough To Brilliance – personal coaching and mentoring

When I work with a client one on one, they achieve their goals – no if’s, but’s or maybe’s… It’s that simple!

But I don’t work with anyone, you’ve got to be dedicated to the process. If that’s you, click on the link below to apply. 

Apply Here

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Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos

Success in EVERY area of your life.

These videos are the ultimate way to gain and maintain the mindset of achievement for any area of your life.  From attracting your ideal partner to unshakeable confidence, these are guaranteed to change your life.

To find our more about my Success Accelerator subliminal videos click here
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Lifetransformationz  Binaural Beat Audios

Wake-up, confident and successful!

These astonishing audio programs allow you to reprogram your mind for success.  They address confidence, wealth and much more! You also get 2 powerful bonuses to boost your memory and improve the quality of your sleep.

To find out more about my Lifetransformationz audios click here
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Millionaire Mind Subliminal Videos

Attract wealth, success and riches in only 5-minutes a day!

These powerful videos program your Mind with the exact blueprint for getting rich, using the latest technology and empowering affirmations We’ve done all the hard work for you, creating the mindset you need for manifesting wealth.

To find out more about my Millionaire Mind videos click here
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Breakthrough To Brilliance

Master your fears, clear your limiting beliefs, obliterate your past baggage, and do all that in the first 4 weeks.

Breakthrough To Brilliance is my self paced personal mastery program. Over the 26 program you’ll clear away everything that is holding you back, and then we’ll install all the new mindsets you need to achieve exquisite relationships, financial freedom and abundant health.

And you get the option to have the first month free with any other product you purchase from New You Life Coaching.

Find out all about it here.
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Personalized Subliminal Videos

The ultimate in subliminal affirmation delivery…

Imagine having your affirmations designed for you, so they are perfectly targeted for you precise individual needs.

You can only achieve that after a consult with Richard, and that’s a 30 minutes session specifically designed to elicit your target areas is included.

Then you images, or ours, are put together with your subliminal affirmations (both audio and visual) and are delivered in the ultimate personal way.

To find out more about these videos contact us at

Check out what Tim C had to say about his personalized video

Got it! Wow! What a great job!! I really mean it. I absolutely love it. I am thrilled. I couldn’t have dreamed it up any better. Truly. Thank you so very much. From the S.F. city shots to the Audis and suits plus all the add ons…..good foods, the gym and weights, and the property “Sold” signs was an especially great call on your part. Impressive. Plus, all the additional quotes. Thank you for your effort. It is clear to me that you really took great care in its production. No changes needed whatsoever. I am very grateful. “

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Massive Motivation

Do you feel you can achieve more in life but your Energy and Motivation won’t let you?

I this so often, my clients know they can do so much more but it seems that they lack the energy or motivation to drive them through the barriers onto the success that they so richly deserve.

So I created this special set of videos and audios to help them get motivated, get energized and get going!

And Right Now it’s only $1 when you try the first month of my Breakthrough To Brilliance, for free!

Find out all about it by clicking here
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Easy Speed Reading

Doubling your reading speed simply means doubling the amount of knowledge in the same amount of time.

That’s why I recommend to at least double your reading speed.

This program will double your reading speed in under 1 hour or your money back.

Watch this short video (9 minutes) to find out more
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