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Your heartbeat beats steadily to the rhythm of life. The sturdy ba-dum, ba-dum is the first sound that we ever hear while in our mother’s womb, and it accompanies us throughout our lives. Our heart never stops working and we must take good care of our heart so that we can enjoy life and live [...]

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Some couples seem to know so much about each other that they look as if they are able to read each other’s moods and minds. After knowing each other for so long they can subconsciously read and interpret the body language of their partner and discern the true meaning behind what he or she is [...]

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Positive Daily Affirmations for Relationships

Positive Daily Affirmations for Relationships Everyone knows that positive daily affirmations can help in many different aspects of life.  They can help you become successful, rich, happy, and more.  What you may not know is that you can use positive daily affirmations to help your relationships.  It doesn’t matter the state of your relationship currently, [...]

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