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Love is abundant, never stingy. It yearns to be shared, to be given away so that it can realize its potential. A naturally loving person will do things for their partner without thinking about his or her own self or benefit; it is a pure, wholesome expression of selfless love without guile or ulterior motives. To be cunning in love is to eventually doom the relationship and hurt everyone involved.

True love is immeasurable. Love is not a mathematical equation about how much each partner should be giving out and receiving in return. If you treat each act of kindness and gesture of love as a mathematical formula, then you are turning what is suppose to be an exciting, loving journey shared between two people into a mere formality. Even worse, if you love someone simply because you think it will benefit yourself to do so, or think you can manipulate the relationship to your advantage, then you are only really cheating yourself.

The adage “the more you give, the more you shall receive” is especially true when it comes to love. The more we show and express our love to others, not just only to our partner, the happier and more blessed we are. Give your love, time, energy and effort without expecting anything in return. Bring your partner along and do some charity work. Volunteer for a worthy cause. Donate your time and heart to those less fortunate.

A powerful yet easy to do technic is to give a blessing to ourselves and to others. Go to a place where there are no disturbances. Get comfortable, close your eyes and relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy the quiet moment of silence. Gently give a blessing to yourself and give thanks that you are alive and well and able to give and receive abundant love. Then gently give a blessing to your loved one, or to another person you feel is most in need of tender, loving care.

The more blessings we have going around, the more love is shared and its strength multiplied as a result

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judith March 4, 2014 at 10:21 am

lovely advice thnx so much.


Richard March 11, 2014 at 2:40 am

Judith,thank you for sharing. Warmly Richard.


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