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No one likes a domineering big brother-type that always trespasses into their personal space. Similarly, not everything in a relationship is shared possession. Resist the urge to read your partner’s email. Don’t “play around” with your loved one’s cell phone when he or she isn’t around. Never, ever lay your eyes on the confidential contents of private journals or personal diaries.

In a healthy, growing relationship, don’t snoop around and dig up things from your partner’s past. Everyone has a past and if your partner’s integrity and character now are beyond reproach, there really is no reason to be suspicious and do a “background check”. Nothing breaks trust in a relationship faster than when one person finds out that their other half is doing things behind their back. If you have a valid reason and wish to do so anyway, be open with your partner and discuss things with him or her to hear their side of the story.

Let your partner know beforehand which personal possessions of yours you wish to be kept private. This will prevent misunderstandings from occurring in the future. Later on, as the relationship develops and the level of trust has grown deep, you may want to share some of your personal secrets with your loved one to show that the relationship has grown and matured to a more profound level. For your partner, never rush things and let it develop and flow naturally. If your loved one decides to share some of their private information with you, then you will know that you have truly earned their trust without forcing it.

Remember, different people need varying levels of trust before they feel safe and secure enough to open up and confide in others. Always respect your partner’s privacy and steadily build up trust and love. The result is a rewarding, fulfilling and loving relationship.

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