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Hi Richard,

I feel so grateful, in a nutshell, I just got my dream job, 140k plus they pay for our moving to Silicon Valley from NYC and my wife got her green card after a long wait, which was unpredictable.

No questions, things had started to move forward. I feel so accelerated. Thank you for doing this and changing our planet one person at a time. Awareness is what we need the most.

Thomas (NY, USA)


“I find ur vidoes amazing

Within the first week I received 1500 I had not been expecting and after 4weeks of watching 2 vidoes just in the morning I have just won an all inclusive holiday to Barbados.

Thanks a mil

Julie (Northern Ireland, UK)


I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU RICHARD for all what you have been teaching me with your program “Breakthrough to brilliance! THANK YOU FOR TRANSFORMING MY LIFE!! You really have changed my life for the best and now it is starting to move to the next level!!

You are THE MOST VALUABLE GIFT a person can receive!! Bless you and wish you the best. I really appreciate all the effort, time and dedication you put in your work!!

Alicia (Madrid, Spain)


Hi Richard,

… I started with the videos, The awakeningfinal and Unshakableselfconfidence. It has been a month now, I followed your advice and only listened these two videos morning upon wakening and before bedtime for 1 month. I felt like I was stuck in time at the age of 54 and was sliding backwards spiritually, financially and in my personal relationships. These two videos have already made a tremendous difference in my self worth, self confidence and motivation. I felt like I was at a stand still and did not know where to start, that is till I received your course and read your story. I had no confidence anymore and needed to make a change in the direction I was going in my dead end career and the areas in my life mentioned above.

What has transpired in my life the last month.

I have applied for a new job in the field I presently work in. During the end of the interview, one thing that stood out was the Owner of the Company whom was interviewing me said, I can tell you are really a confident person and I would like to prepare and send you an offer letter. Those were some strong words at this time in my life when my self confidence has toppled over the last couple of years. My wife said she has noticed a change in me also, her words were music to

my ears, so I told her about your course and how exited I was to find it.

I used this first month to evaluate the results so I could make a decision on whether to continue. Well I think I got my answer. I am very exited to get started through the 6 month journey with you.

Thank You for your sincere dedication in helping others!

Wayde (Kansas, USA)


Richard,Wow, it´s amazing and exciting !! I have read it without stopping a second and even nearly without breathing!!

Every person in the world should read this. Every person in the world should have your programs !! They are so powerful!

Thanks so much. We don´t know each other physically but you are really one of my best friends !! Be very proud of you!!

Best for you from my heart,

Alicia (Spain)



You are a man after my own heart. I adore your style. It is just like mine and I identify with it. Congratulations for taking on life coaching. I favor this kind of lifestyle and just wanted to honor you with some kindnesses. I loved point 2 here about abundance. I make audios of many lists of affirmations and put them on my ipod to listen to as I walk. I would love to share anything I have with you as you have been so generous with me. What you are doing has not gone unnoticed. Please see this word as a gift you DESERVE.



Hello Richard.

I am amazed at the power of what I have learned and the way that I have changed my thought process , with only a couple short weeks of listening, watching and following your videos, tapes and advice.

I’m in business and what used to put me down , now is a challenge, an opportunity, a fun game to play.

I have even come up with a couple of sayings that I think come directly from my mind. ( I am no longer limited. I am limitless). Another one is (I am, so others will become). And really turned these 2 into core beliefs. I really now believe that by being unlimited in what i want to achieve, everyone around me will profit and become better and better.My reasons are not personal egoism, but the wonderful feeling of being of service to others.

I have followed a lot of seminars, tapes, etc. I know, with your help I have found the way to an extraordinary, blissfully happy present and future. The first tapes I ever bought were from Anthony Robbins. They were good and was able to start my first restaurant within 6 months.

You and your program is Anthony Robbins on steroids , A. r. with a Masters degree,With the best thesis ever presented.

Although my business challenges have been,in the past, have taken a toll on my finances, I now know , and I quote,(I will build a castle with the bricks that have been thrown at me)

Thank you very much for giving me the personal love and power that i needed to overcome what was installed in me and was handicapping me from the life that I always wanted and will NOW have.

Pedro – Springvale, Canada


Hi Richard hope you are well. Just wanted to say a big thank you for our chat last week. I know I was in a bit of a mess but knew that every thing you said was true and in a way felt like a great weight has been lifted.

I haven’t yet decided what Im going to do but I am being more assertive. and just talking to you has given me the strength to carry on…

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart thank you for the refund and thank you for the lessons I will continue with my videos and i know that my life will improve for the better…

Thank God for people like you


Mary (UK)


Dear Mr. Luck, Your awakening call interview where you give the senses walk and facing fear step by step really gave me a boot to joy while I was walking. in the park with Sammy (my dog). I have been having a difficult time feeling any joy in years. I have felt joy in the past while meditating but not during a walk. I definitely saw the beauty but not entirely using all my senses. This was different. Thank you so much for your program. Lesson 9 is also an awakening! I got some insights to some things that were very eye opening. Thank you thank you thank you,.

Rosemary (New York, USA)


Hi Richard,

I wanted to thank you for the personal coaching session you gave me last week. That time on the phone was so positive and so uplifting that I watched myself shift into action in a way I had not done before (and I am no slacker).

Thank you for your work that you’ve put out to the world and for being an inspiration and role model.

I will continue to use the tools (Subliminals and Breatkthrough to Brilliance) on a daily basis and I will not only watch myself soar, I will watch that energy ripple into the lives of all the people I touch.

I feel happier than I have in a long time.

Thank you.

Barbara (Nevada, USA)


Dear Richard

I was the guy who nearly completed the payment process and then had second thoughts, and then wrote to you expressing doubt about ‘miracle cures’!

Well I now am in and surprise surprise after the first day I noticed that my appetite for life and my confidence which had been heavily shaken by a brain haemorrhage was looking brighter. It did feel like a miracle too!

Thanks Richard, really beautiful visuals and lovely quotes

Philip (Stroud, UK)


Hi Richard

I thought I would give you feedback on Lesson 2 – fear

I used it on two areas of my life in one week and couldn’t believe the difference…..

1. Jumping my horse: I have fallen off and had a couple of bad accidents involving my spine and pelvis. Luckily I am ok but has left me with a fear of jumping – more like falling off! I had a leson the next day so did the exercise. Well, on the way there, I was still doing all the positive thinking and my stomach churning as usual, but when on the horse and in the lesson, I just popped over whatever he asked me to. A couple where really big and at one point was told I was too confident and needed to hold the horse back more. I couldn’t believe how I felt.

2. My estranged husband: ….. I thought I would do your exercise about the fear I had of being around him, ie how he made me feel; I did it and asked to meet him in a neutral place, and do you know what, I felt nothing only my clear direction for the future, which didn’t include him. I felt free of him and actually now , for the sake of our kids, have no fear of being around him. But before I did the exercise, i also realised that i was allowing myself to feel that way anyway – he cant make me feel anything, i was the one thinking it!

So thank you and thank you again

Sheena (Wales -UK)


Hi Ricghard it is lyn here.

….When I started watching your videos I admit I thought yep sure.

Well there have been times when I have wanted to quit the green stone carving course and i have come home and again watched your videos and oh my they keep me going.

My son who suffers badly from depression, …. he lost his confidence and he has been watching the videos and it is helping him so much.

….. I watch him growing every day. [he is] getting his confidence back so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kind regards Lyn

Lyn, New Zealand


Dear Richard,

very much enjoyed the conversation we had last night.

This is a large ‘thank you’.

Going over things with me, reconfirmed much. Know the power of words and now using them myself! All amazing, absolutely amazing!

Sorting out much, and enjoyed the verbal sparring. Thank you. I look forward to the rest of the course, and your gentle persuasion to strive for more.

The important thing, and this you do, is constructive advice, questioning, and re-programming. All necessary and important.

Your work is wonderful, there must be great satisfaction in achieving so much ‘positivity’.

The world is a better place with people such as you.This is so much better and easier than dealing with constant pathology.

Thank you. Take care.

Warm regards,

Pieta (Brisbane – Australia)


Dear Richard,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing program. I just read the Health Module and found it full of excellent information. I have gotten way more from your program than the small price I paid to participate. Thank you.

Barney – USA


Thanx for the follow-up, puts you light-years ahead of other companies I have dealt with on the net. May the force be with you!!!

Larry – Canada


Hello Richard:

I have been on your email list for sometime now and have always enjoyed the approach you take to getting my attention and to the delivery of your message!

FYI: I have recently been receiving email from two other professionals that claim they can help with life goal attainment, living authentically, and finding my true passion and the first thing I noticed in their message is “fear based” headlines and openers that go into full detail. I realize that we all have a process to clearing negativity; this approach just

brings me feelings of entrapment and paralysis.

I realize this is my opinion among millions, however, I just want to encourage you to keep things real. Your style is so positive, even if you discuss minimizing, or eliminating negative self talk, I have yet to hear in your messages the fear based, deeply negative words that others are using in their re-training styles.

Thanks for sharing the Light of strength & hope Richard. Blessings to you and all your endeavors!

Best Regards,



You are wonderful, Richard. Your course is helping me get through my schoolwork, pay off student loans, and getting my heart in the place of attraction by applying “those love those who first love, appreciate, forgive, and celebrate themselves”.

Thank you for your emails of which many are simply communicating with your people. Sales have their place – I feel you have a nice balance of new information and continuing to get your message out to more souls

Jeanette (USA)


Hi Richard,

…..Just to let you know I have successfully published my first novel, “The Flame Of Perdition”, it will be available via Amazon in a about a weeks time. I also wanted to say thank you for all your help. Since I enrolled on your program I have a renewed sense of self belief and feel like I can achieve anything. Take care buddy hope you have a great week.

Best Wishes
Adam Said
Author – “The Flames Of Perdition”



I am quite pleased with how things are progressing in my life. It has been just about one month since I have started your BtoB program. From the beginning my mood was more upbeat. Then in the last week my business just started to BOOM. The lessons/series of videos are easy to do. I look forward to each new day.

Thx, better and better!

Kurt (New Jersey, USA)


In the past months i have reviewed your instructions and subliminal videos. I have been in denial for many years and I was raised to be skeptical of anything new or unusual. I have enjoyed your instructions and especially your subliminal videos and I am slowly but steadily changing my life around. I feel more positive and relaxed than ever before, and my self-confidence has soared to new levels , beyond my wildest dreams. I write this because I feel the need and resolve to personally thank you and your resource team for offering this to me. Once Again Thank-You…

Mark (Canada)


Hi Richard,

I know I have only just started to do the steps and watching the subliminal videos, I should also state here that there have been a few days of GAPS (I will work on that) However, I just wanted to let you know that even with missing some days I have STILL seen a change in my life ALREADY!

It is funny because I have been watching the “Attracting a partner” one the most and although it is to attract the ideal person, I have noticed that even people who don’t often communicate with me have started to come up and chat. These are both male and female, but it feels like maybe I was invisible and then all of a sudden now they SEE me…Lol….I don’t know if that makes sense but anyway I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks Richard

Best Wishes

Jan (US)


Thanks for getting back to me, I have since had a 30minute session with Richard. I found him very helpful and hugely knowledgeable.


Christina (US)


You are such an amazing figure. you always inspires me and the world!


Beloved Richard and Noel,

I love you so much and i thank the Universe for arranging for me to ‘meet’ you. Am enjoying your lessons greatly. They’re awesome. The videos are unique. When i use them with the lessons, i feel some tingling all over my body and i know it won’t be long before i start reaping the rewards in the form of well-being, wealth, joy, promotion and harmony in all spheres of life. Thank you for being by me all the way to my success now and hereafter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!..

Marcus (Accra, Ghana)


Thank you Richard. I admitt i was a little unsure, of all this. but I have been watching the vidoes for nearly 4 day now and yes i can feel the change. one is my ability to laugh again. A small thing yes, but a big thing for me. Ihave also been given ideas to increase my business i started to help those who struggle. And when i started writing my ideal, day I couldnt beleive what I wrote. I discribed every room before going onto my ideal day. So Richard thank you. For the first time in years I am actually happy.

Lyn New Zealand.


Hi Sara…I apologize for not getting back to you with a thank you for your prompt, courteous service. Thanks for this follow up, but I had been reminded that on my last computer I started having a lot of issues after installing codecs and so I’ve decided to try viewing the lesson at the library and see if that works.

Thanks again for the grrrrrrrreat customer service…You rock! Please share this email with your manager so they know how much your service is valued and appreciated.

Have a great afternoon!Deanna (Ontario, Canada)


I have noticed some unusual things starting to happen in my life since starting with the program. When I leave my house I am bumping into friends that I have not seen in some time and in some cases years. I have also won 2 competitions; 1st was some underwear and 2nd a package of skin care products worth over $100. Can’t wait to see what happens next! You’ve done a beautiful job on these videos by the way a true pleasure to watch!


Sydney Australia


I am doing pretty good.I just really getting the grasp what I need to do when watching the videos.I going go to the next video Health.I am doing one at a time just until get in better rountine.You are changing my life .Thank you



Happy New Year Rick….. and a note to all the visitors on this page – “Richard Luck is AMAZING – the best…. trust his work blindly – he’ll help you change your life” Lots of Love, Dalara xxxx


Dears Noel and Richard!

I would like to grasp this opportunity to thank you guys for all inspirational and motivational mails that you have been sending me. Those mails had been sent at the right time that i really needed them, i am so grateful. I read a lot but fear to get out of my comfort zone, i always know the result of what i used to do because i never changed my routine. I used to be afraid of start something new, taking a new step was the hardest things in my life. But your words made me believe that i can make a little step at the time and be more successful. Thank you again guys, i am confident that very soon i will share more stories.

Wish you all the best for this festive season, stay blessed!

Brice P Makouangou M


I am now completing Lesson 3 … my mind is blown away!!! The description

you make about the components of a state… and the physiology part… I

just changed my posture while sitting and I felt like a super refreshing

wave!!! This is so awesome… I am about to start the exercise, just can’t

wait to do so…

Thank you so much Richard and all the staff, this is just a piece of

ART!!” – signed Xime D. – Bogota (Colombia)



It’s been almost a year ago since I enrolled in your Breakthrough to

Brilliance program. And I wanted to let you know that I GOT IT! 1. We

are a bundle of belief systems and 2. What we believe is what we

create and 3. We can choose to re-program our belief systems and thus

change our reality. I am on a roll! On the occasion of the American

Thanksgiving Day, I want to thank YOU!



California, CA



Dear Mr. Richard A Luck,

A while back I received a CD in the mail from you about Life


I think these ‘sounds’ are phenomenal! Nothing makes me feel closer to God

than listening to the water splash and the birds, bees, and getting back to


I know how important it is to keep stress away from our lives. There are

times when this seems to be impossible for me. These CDs not only help me

to do many things better but they also help me to relax. The great nights

sleep that these CDs inspire is probably one of the best ways they have

helped me. It’s is amazing how much better things turn out when I actually

get to go to sleep.

I truly appreciate your gift and I THANK YOU so very, very much! Thank







Great. Thank you so much. My life is changing thanks to the subliminal videos that i have from you. God bless and much success.


Florida, US



Dear Richard,

I wanted to just most sincerely thank and congratulate you on this set of

videos. I am a mature entrepreneur with much negative (and some positive)

experience behind me. Naturally over the years of tears I have read many

books and attended seminars to help ward off life’s incessant negativity and

failures. Your programme IS WORKING. I am in the process of building a new

company with unique products, set to help all ages rich and poor alike, and

I am very confident this project WILL be achieved.

Once again my humble thanks to you and staff for bringing such an important

programme to the many that embrace it.

Kind regards,






Hi Richard,

Just a personal note to say THANK YOU so much for your brilliant coaching and

your videos (I purchased your video series). I really resonate with your work.

I lived in Australia for 10 years and moved back to Canada at the end of past year

to be closer to my family (who live here). I started a business this year and have

had some challenges along the way. You are helping me get closer to my dream

which is to have a residence in Australia (Byron Bay) and the one I now have in

Vancouver and a business that operates in both places.

Thank you!

All the best,





I just wrote a whole half page about how thankful I am for your generosity

and how I can’t wait to recieve your first meditation audio and I wanted to

tell you how equisitelyyou write and share you’re personal life and how much

that nrings home your lessons! I am truly blessed to be able to afford your

program and it’s worth so much more than I’m paying so you can’t imagine my

excitement for the frree upgrade and forthcoming audios,meditations,NLPs,

entrainment audios and anything you would be kind enough to send me:) But ,

in short, you’ve brought light to my life and I can’t wait to hear and read

more ,you are truly an amaxzing man! Blessed Be and Thank you my freind!



Alabama, US



sir, i am doing the home work regularly,i am in charge of the brain.,sir, i

can see the change before and now (coaching, thank you).i am in charge.

Sonaji Sagar



Hello there,

I really love the videos I bought from you and the follow-up emails. By far, one of the best products of its kind out there.





Thank you for your words shared with me today, no one has ever been able to

write those words explaining the pull between my heart and my mind. Which

left me many times unhappy not knowing where to start. I have written goals

down all my life short term, long term etc but they were for school,

college, work all those desires.

now I know how to write down what my heart has chased after for 59 yrs,

Love, although that love was not in a man or a family member or any other

relationship now I know that love was for me to honor my hearts desires, My

Lord said He would give me my hearts desire so I want to be sure when I pray

I know that it is my true desire. You have shown me how to start finding out

also how to finish with the deep inner desires not the wants. I thank you,

for sharing your insight. I have traveled the whole world looking for

something found many things, people, husbands etc although none filled me to

the top! as a whole person, none stayed interesting enough without getting


I will go the days left of my life seeking, praying, writing, digging deep

inside past all this world has put in my way to find those desires of my


To Your Wisdom,


Weatherford, USA



*You do know that Simple Order into your Life is “Truly TRANSFORMING!” I

have found my way and I am the richer for it! As I have never lived with

such discipline and order to my life as I now carefully walk with full

understanding of what I am doing and where I am going. I have put a whole

new walk in my life that is so beneficial to every aspect to my life. The

whole body mind and spirit working together as one. My blood pressure has

gone from 170/98 to 107/74! No medicine could do that for me in such a short

time! The true health benefits of purposeful living! Thank you so very much

once again! Wow, this is the life Ive been waiting for, and it is just

coming on-line now! What-how-well it is going to be GREAT!! *


Fruitland, USA

Dear Richard,

I have no words to explain my gratitude for this course. Never before have I read anything on goal-setting with so much clarity and practical guidance.

For me , goal-setting has never been easy; but, this module 7 of your course makes it seem possible and even a fun and creative way to get what I want out of life.

Thanks for the course, the free upgrade, the audios,videos;and for all you do in the name of success!






* I need to thank you for this course of yours, and to let you know

how well it has been working for me. I have found the positive mind and

heart I had grown up with! It is so GREAT to be here again as there is no

other way to live but to be positive with an attitude of thankfulness and

humbleness to the Lord! You are answered prayer for me, with this course you

have brought to me. *


* I have such a new Heart and Mind now that I am truly aware of who I am

and how very important of a person I am! I am now able to live and help

other’s again, which has always been such a gift to me. I love to help and

share with other people, there is no other way to live and be free!*


* Thank you so much, and I will be in touch with you, and share the great

thing’s I will be involved with in these the “BEST DAYS of MY LIFE! ” *


Frutiland Park, FL



Hi Richard

I just want to say how marvellously empowering the course has been so far,

with so many mind techniques, tools, and resources at hand to use, to

endlessly strengthen one’s mind. Thank you so very much.

I just want to say my magic moment, in my diary, today, was written as

‘Richard Lucks’ reference to the wonderful Susan Jeffers – Feel The Feel And

Do It Anyway, – the belief “Whatever happens I’ll handle it”, as an

incredibly powerful belief, in the Breakthrough-to-Brilliance Lesson 11.

I had actually texted a friend, whose father has cancer late last night,

this same belief, and I am a great fan of Susan’s and her Feel the Fear

Series of books, and Audios (Affirmations Inner Peace, Confidence, and Love

That Works).

This is so magical that it popped up like this in this particular lesson, at

this given time, you Australian, she American, and recommended to me by an

Englishman; Global adoration for this belief and of Susan’s work, at work;

well a piece of Art at work!

Warmly too


Hertfordshire, England




Are you in my head or what!? I just sat in my truck after applying for my fictitious name in my state and went thru my email to look for updates from you and a couple others. To read this was like opening a gift of endless potential ! Thanks for the conformation my spirit has been giving me ! Im still in shock of how simple this realy is. The money I need is coming for me to buy your videos but, Ive only applied what you have coached me to do up to this point.

I can feel my heart beating strong with joy and exitement as I send this to you!

Here is the evidence attached!

I feel Ive been lead to meet you so, that day I look foreward in sharing more of this great life I now have..

Stay great, and life will show you, much love!




Good afternoon,

I just wanted to say thank you for the subliminal videos! I only downloaded them this morning and watched the two I’d chosen and wow!! Even after the first watch, I went on with my day feeling so empowered and fantastic, it was truly amazing.

Thank you for bringing these videos into my life.

With many blessings and heartfelt thanks


Lancashire, UK



Thank you Richard that was a lot of help .I think that this status will be very helpful.

You always have such good advice. I’m grateful there are people like you who care

about others to share such wonderful advice.

* Robin*

Lancaster, OH



Richard, I want to share with you just what I feel has been taken place with

in my mind and heart since Ive started using the audio recording’s. I have

from the first time and day, found myself to be more at peace! I do get very

relaxed as you have given a warning not to do or use anything that requires

your full attention, thirty mins. after using the recording’s. But the best

so far (one week) for me is the sense of peace, or completeness, if there is

such a word. I can not wait for the whole time of six months to see just

where I have gone to! I know I have a great deal of ability in my life, I

had four spinal operations in the past 22 years, I am disabled but I have

been given such a release from stress, and disappointment. I am going to use

this course to help me achieve just what I can do, I know in my heart I have

some vital use somewhere for someone or many people, I may truly help. I

have prayed about your course before I started using it, and I am assured

the Lord will help me along with your course to become the man I have always

been intended to be thru Jesus Christ! This will bring me to the best man I

could ever be! Be watching for me in the near future, as I am sure I will do

something very very good for us all. Thank you very much Sir for this vital

help in my life. One week and already I’m a changed person. .


Florida, US



Hi Richard,

This is the second download I have purchased, the first one being the Submininal Videos.

I’ve done a lot of affirmations etc and I have experienced a reasonable amount of success,

but I’ve always hit a point where I just can’t get past. After watching the videos for the

first time, early last week, I found confidence to dive into something I was in the process

of working towards. Since that day I have made close to $12,000, and finally everything

that I have envisioned for my future feels real. I’ve purchased the millionaire mindset videos,

to further encourage growth. I have BIG goals and a BIG vision for my future, and I’m looking

forward to also having the BIG mindset I need to make it a reality :-) Never in my life have

I had such amazing success so quickly. I feel good about who I am, about my relationship

with my husband which prior to this I was discussing seperation. Now just to clarify, I work

in a 7.30am-6pm Mon-Fri job which pays me less than $46k salary with no bonuses. So this

extra income is phenomenal by comparison. Initially I’l planned on turning a $3 investment

hopefully into $20k by the end of the year… at this rate, it’ll be within a few days.

So thank you very much for a wonderful but simple product which really works wonders.





Dear Richard,

Staying on track is becoming easier for me. I am committed to completing this course.

I am begining to get inspirations on how to increase income. I only need to take action;

and, I have actually planted my own garden! I’m watching it grow. The first blooms begin

to appear; so, I have no need for anyone to bring me flowers.

Thanks ever so much for your guidance!

Delores Parish




Dear Richard and Noel

I am lesson at 9 now. I just want to stay the Break through to Brilliance

course is so helpful, and I noticed the positive changes in me, confidence,

clearing negative emotions, the anchoring, meditation, and swish techniques

have, and are working really really well.

I lost my dad last year, and have been persecuted,bullied for years at work,

(even if people have to see it to believe it),

- I was absent from work the other week for 4 days (demotivation), but had

to separating the year long grief from the constant persecution,abuse at

work, which had interfered with it, as it was constant harrassment

(it was a bad patch, I slept in late in the mornings for 4 days, but as

soon as I got up, I was really fine, full of energy, confidence, happy

(unlike before I would have been depressed, indecisive, and slow to do or

see anything or anyone): I kept watching the videos, and did the lessons


Now Im back at work, refreshed felt I had to do it, to clean out my mind, to

prevent it from being damaged, interfered with, or wretched, and I feel,

powerful, and strong, and have definitely overcome the persecution (because

i was in grief).

I feel so strong, and the vast, lots of tools you are giving me to empower

myself, and constantly change (which is exciting), is mind blowing.

I thoroughly recommend your course to anyone. I recognize these techniques

when I did a mini Master Your Mind Course at College, but these audios have

actually clarified, made me more confident to use them, and to get to know,

them, and see actual helpful, powerful effects of them.

Just changing all the time, or having the possibility to, and building new

neural path ways, is so powerful, exciting, mindblowingly awesome!!

Thank you, warmly

Christine Bradly




Good day Richard,

I was one that never wrote much down or followed a specific schedule! But

yet many have told me I have great hand writing and have a deep since of

expression. Technique 3, sounds like the part of me that I have neglected

for so long and thou this chapter I will take it on and note many things.

I believe this step alone will unlock and release a power in me that has

been dormant for sometime now!

Richard thanks for being who you are and helping me and many others to find

and reveille there real potential!

Friends for life,





I want to say thank you for my video.I opened it at the exact moment,I need to hear.

I call them beautiful, joyful ,around the corner,through the door,on radio,tv and others.

Little signs from GOD

Thank You again for the service of helping others.

your friend,

Debra :) :)



I can say that since I been watching the videos the

money and the opportunities for work are increasing more and more,the money

started coming kind of slow at the beginning but is always there and this is

happening just watching the video once a day can you imagine whats going to

happen when I start watching it 2 times a day?





I enjoy reading your emails. The funny thing is that they always arrive at the time I need inspiration the most!!!!

Keep doing what you are doing. You are making a difference in my life!!!

Thank you.





I have no words to express what I would like to, except….for your subliminal video, Inspiring Mind Techniques (1 to 4),

other extra tips and most awesome warmly video message made for me….THANK YOU. Kiss-kiss and a warm hug from

this side of the ocean to you from me. May today and everyday thereafter bring you laughs, friendships, love, warmth,

wealth, prosperity, health, peace, serenity, and ´´cheers´´ with a cool shared Coca Cola drink at 8:30 pm my time (EST).


Caracas, VZ



*thank you so much for the the video richard, i really appreciate it. 20

seconds in to your video and a damn was blown open in me. i watch it

numerous times through out the day, especially upon waking and going to bed,

and something is shifting in me…and i really need that!! **my resources

for staying the course (hope) have dwindled — possibly from over-use or i

am using the concepts wrong, i just know i need something ‘new’ &

fresh/different. it is so difficult trying to create that ‘feeling of having

it’ {ie: fake it till you make it} when there is such a lack of joy/good

feelings to glean from. it took me a week to write my ‘ideal day’. my life

is a testament to how low &unworthy i have allowed myself to become.*

*i have been trying to keep a gratitude journal (Oprah fan!!) but when

i journal-ed (thru my teens thru to my 30′s) i learned that writing the

negative feelings down was problematic as 5 & 10 years later i would realize

i was still struggling/battling the same bs problems {you talked about how

the teacher had us writing in the negative will do that!} *

*i even attempted to have friends join me in the process {gratitude

journalling} only to discover how few ‘true’ friends i have, and how

negative/jaded we truly are. *

*i thank you again for your gift, and your words of encouragement richard. i

genuinely look forward to your emails and am even excited about opening my

email again!*

*a 1000 thank you’s, *



Location withheld



sometimes when i start to look for something i do not know what i am looking for anymore…..

when i need something i think what it could be like then i find it in a perfect state often. The

first lesson was really powerful, transcendental , force. So positive. I hope i can really get

the spiritual alignments in order i really desire. i want to change almost everything about the

surroundings around me so that keeps me really mentally busy. when we want peace and it

is not near at hand it is easy to try to do more than you can and have time to in the day. It

was nice to spend a few moments listning to your recording. I have been wanting to learn more

about the perfect.mind yoga web community too but i did not have a real yoga or meditation

coach that was a real friend to me before so i did not get lots out of it too quickly as i wished.

so even though i have limited extra time i like that you have such a simple program to follow.

I hope i can learn alot from following you. thanks for your e-mail.


Melville, CA


OMG!!!!! I’ve been bursting to tell you what’s been happening to me, but

yet too busy. So, today I’m making myself take the time to write you a

quick note to say THANK YOU!!!!

I prayed for God to send me someone, I specifically asked for a Life Coach

to help me through this season of my life because I felt like I was going to

have a nervous breakdown. The doctor told me I need to learn to relax or

I’m in trouble. For a short list, I am the Administrator for two Adult

Residential Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled. It’s our family

business but my brothers dream and it takes care of my mother so I’ve been

stuck for the past few years running it. I market a product called Prepaid

Legal Services which I love doing and can totally fund my passion which is

writing but the family business has always sucked me back in. I have one

published work that is a compliation project and have been working on a book

that is really finished but I’ve had no time to give attention to it in the

past four years. I have several other books in me to be written. I’m also

a Recording Artist with a CD out and have been working on my second one for

about two years. FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS My creative abilities had been

literally SHUT DOWN!!!

I wouldn’t allow myself to engage in that part of me because of the constant

interruptions and my calender was full of helping everyone but ME!!! Oh, I

forgot I’m also an Evangelist and over the Dance and Drama Team at my church

and I’m a speaker to at risk youth a couple times a week. Anyway, I’ve

often thought my God-given gifts were a curse because I am good at alot of

things but master of NOTHING!!!! Until now. First of all taking your

course made me realize I needed to take a day off for me. I looked in my

calender and found out I haven’t had a Sabbath in about five years. Heck,

even God rested on the seventh day, I was trippin. Sunday’s is not a

Sabbath for me because I’m active at my church. God told us that we are

physically supposed to take one day a week, doesn’t matter what day, but one

day to rejuvinate, relax, not engage in business and JUST BE!!!! He made us

and knows we need it. Taking your course has caused me to focus on what’s

important to me…well, first off, REALIZE what’s important to me.

Subsequentlly, I made changes. I don’t allow my mind to engage in any

business activity before 10am and after 10pm. (That has been heaven in and

of itself). It is during that time that I go through your material that had

been piling up but I know God sent you to me so I knew I had better do

whatever I had to do to go through the course. Secondarily, I literally put

a line through every Friday…that is my Sabbath. I took the first one this

past week and by the end of that day..OMG! I felt better then I had felt in

a really long time. I rested, I relaxed, I did absolutely NOTHING!!!!

The exercise of taking the 5 Steps to your Dream Day and thus coming up with

my Core Desires, had me literally in tears. For the first time I was able

to clearly narrow it down to the two main things I WANT TO DO! I felt an

emotional euphoria that really, literally felt like bricks were being lifted

from me and I cried. It felt good to be able to narrow down what was

important to me. Then you went a step further and gave instructions for me

to create my Core Commitments…again, the same feeling of FINALLY I’M

TAPPING IN…FINALLY I’M LIVING came to me. I made my affirmations, posted

them and put them on cards. The exercise of facing your giants…well mine

was fear of failure, when I made it something tangible, then smashed it into

my dreams, desires and joys…wow!!! That was another crying episode and

took away the power that the fear of failure had over me which was sometimes

paralyzing…I guess you say, this girl needs alot of help…LOL.

I’ve always wanted to be a Life Coach to empower other people but never even

attempted because my own life was so wacked out. Anyway, I feel my

creativity awakening again. I have more of the course to do and it is the

absolute best part of my day.

One of the things I like best is that it seems you speak my language. You

give step by step instructions which I ABSOLUTE LOVE. You always let us

know where we should be by now which gives clarity again …I

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT PART TOO!!! I also love that you are so transparent.

Thanks for listening, I’m sorry to download so much on you at once….LOL.

But if you could only feel how I feel you would understand.






*My hopes is that one day I can help people like you enjoy life, like you

are helping me. *


The only thing that I would change, really is not yours. But for

Noels subliminal dvds….hmmm.. well, I am an African American woman and I

identify with its abstract objects but it would be nice to see some other

nationalities on it. I was afraid of an impact it may have on me because it

kind of gives the feel that this is the life Caucasians lived but there’s no

one in it like me to identify with. It seems that if I did, it would help me

to really realize it’s even more possible. Just a suggestion. Heck, maybe

I should make them..LOL. THANKS AGAIN!





* *




Hello Richard

Well I have followed your instructions, and find the subliminal videos great, alternating between

the Massive Motivation, and Success Accelerator every other day.

I have also followed your exercises, created my Vision, and have found my Core Desires,

with first the most important part of my vision, and then with the another part of the vision.

My Core Desire is to love myself, and then find love with someone Happiness, Love, & Peace

I am a loner, and have battled in the past with alcohol, to block out, and as a way to socialize.

However as I have stopped the abuse of alcohol, and comfort eating, and had to give up the social side of going to the pub.

I know there are many other places to meet and talk to people, so I’ll be alright.

Sorry to be a bit off subject, and personal.

I do find the subliminal videos, the images are stunning, and have found great benefit from them already;

I am more positive, happy, less inclined to get down on stuff, I am talking to people more, with more ‘right to

be here attitude’ and ‘Confidence’, and I am making more eye contact, with more enthusiasm for myself to

change mentally and physically, all round change, consciously, and unconsciously, thanks to you, Richard.

I like to think that these changes will be permanent, and that my core desires will be a reality.

Many Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon; the subliminal videos are fantastic!!!!


Hertfordshire, England


Hey thanks for the tip on clearing my laptop Richard, seems too good to be


I took a positive step today, you will be pleased to hear I have applied for

counselling with womens aid [locally], due the the emotional abuse

i have suffered from my ex partners.

I feel this is a first positive step forwards, as I have never been able to

admit i need help to address the root causes of my unhappy times I am trying to


Each day i feel i am healing, I work full time, bring up my son on my own and I

am studying for my degree, next week I am off [on vacation] lets hope i can

come back feeling lighter and brighter!

kind regards





*Hi Richard & Noel,

To Noel I want to say thank you. I ordered your subliminal videos

about two or three years ago, and they actually changed my life.

I am very grateful.

In this message you mentioned computers and repair and safety

from identity theft.

Take a quick look at this. I got this in 2009 because I had identity

theft. My identity was SOLD and he took my retirement and everything

I had worked for my entire life. It was about that time 2008 that I

ordered Noel’s video’s.


Patricia Gaines



Hello Richard, and thank you for the valuable notes!

What you stated here reminded me of a course on advertisement and the social


Yes it is true, and if it is true for the masses it certainly applies to

individuals the principle beeing the same.

I’ve been doing so many affirmations since my husband was diagnosed with

cancer ten years ago, during his surgeries and treatments and after he

passed away almost five years ago…

It is self-help and it is important and behind it all it is about Love, the

love of the divine self, of appreciating how we’ve been created and put

purposely “in Motion”…

I know that the right words set forth the right needed vibrations!

All who recieve your letter are recieving the good vibrations along!

thank you!





i am whelmed and thankful to you to be so useful knowledge passed to me with loving heart ., thanks again for your continued support.

Varun Prajapat,




Dear Richard,

First of all I wish to thank your for your very perpective call on my issue

last week.

Well one week has gone by , and I feel confident to say that the results of

your light hypnosis is working.

Even though the feeling is still there, I am much more peaceful after a

phone call from him . Whereas before I would have spiked emotions on a

roller coaster, I would be happy to say that my emotions are not in Theta

and not in Beta! And it was a powerful conversation.

I feel much more in command of myself. So many deepfelt thanks for producing

such a change in myself.

Thanks again..

All the best


Alpes Maritmes, FR



Thank you so much Richard for being so generous for sharing me again the breakthrough lessons. Well appreciated. God bless you more.

Edurnie Abuan,

Dasmarinas, PI




First I’d like to tell you that I am very happy with the result of the

subliminal video it works very fast on me.

And the walkthrough help me with my spiritual goal

Diane Boilard

Keswick, Canada



Thank you for the fantastic videos you have made, I can hardly wait to see and live the changes they are going to bring to my life.


Timisoara, Romania





Durbin, South Africa



Thank you for the video I saw evidence of it working after one session. I

lecture on health, healing and herbal solutions. I am excited to use this method

on myself to create a new way of communicating with my customers and audience.

Again thank you

Peace Warden

Layton, UT



I Just wanted to give you a heads up on my success that I am experiencing

with your program(s). I have lost 25 Pounds, and have went from $2000 a

month salary to $5000 per week with my new position. Keep up the good work and

I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Pastor Mike



Thank you so much for your tips!! I’ve just paid £10,000 into

My bank today 3 cheques came to me just out of the blue! I never thought

I would get over my best friend and partner cheating on me and emotionally

Abusing me like he did. Then I woke up, kicked him out of my life and my

house and surprise surprise my luck has changed overnight.

Then yesterday I walked into my supermarket and there he was. I looked and he looked down in shame.

I felt proud that I didn’t walk out in fear, I felt strong that I was assertive enough to hold my head up high

and feel happier – it has been painful pulling myself out of my black tunnel, but now I feel I will never

date anyone with narcisstic personality disorder again, to all women out there girlpower you can heal

yourself by holding your head up high and finding the strength to reinvent yourself is the best revenge ever to

a sad looser who will never hurt you again.

Kind regards


Cheltenham, UK



Thanks Richard, for being a positive force in my life :)


Perth, AU



Hi Noel & Richard,

Thank you for the new release.The Life Transformationz video is excellent especially boosting your confidence,

overcoming criticism and motivation.

Best Regards


Midrand, South Africa


Just a comment on the videos , they are fantastic , I can actually feel that “stuck in quicksand” feeling abating …

it has been something I have struggled with for a long time …so BRAVO to your program!!!!


Calgary, Canada




Pretoria, South Africa


I’m e-mailing you to thank you For helping me take the first step many months ago. My life has changed so much

I cannot put it in words! My path has changed so much I really know who and why I’m here. Thank you again.


Steinbach, Canada


Hi Richard

I have only been working with your programme ie the vidioes for around 3 days, but almost instantly started to

feel a differance. Like waking feeling refreshed, before I was waking feeling very drained & still tired. I feel more

like I can achieve anything. I am a retail trainer & walked into a class the other day only half prepared but was able

to still make the lesson for the day interesting & knowlegable & it seemed I was able to think on my feet, which was

totaly the oppisite from the week before.

I am looking forward to seeing what other changes the vidioes make in my life. Thank you very much.

Have a great day


Maryland, AU



First let me thank you for such an incredible program!

Thanks so much and I will be checking out your millionaire mind subliminal videos as well!

Kind Regards,


Henderson, NV


thanx….love that advice … !!!




Thank you so much, you guys have the best Customer Service.




I can feel my life changing from this. Its awesome!


Detroit, MI


Hi Richard,

love the vids great work


Sydney, AU


Just know that i am the PERFECT candidate for your teachings…Everything you say hits home! And I do so appreciate your being willing to share some of these tips with me at no cost, as I wouldn’t be able to purchase anything at this time..

Thanks again, Richard, for your time and effort this past couple months…



Mesa, AZ


…I just want you to know your emails are really helping me thank you so much!


Cheltenham, United Kingdom


I just read the whole 3rd lesson today. You are so brilliant. I LOVE this. I am going to write out my dream life a

year from now and read it twice a day (at least) out loud. Even since the first two lessons, I’ve been feeling so much

different – saying my mantra 20 times in the morning and 20 times at night, even if I don’t “feel the emotion”

in the beginning, I always feel it at the end. Always. And I can feel “high as a kite” when I do because this is the life I want to live.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now I’ve got some writing to do!!!!

Love Annie

Malibu, CA


Dear Noel and Richard,

I’ve been watching the videos for a few weeks only. I’m a fantasy/fairy

artist, and I’ve been waiting for opportunities to sell my art for years.

Last night I got 2 e-mails from 2 different printing companies, both of them

wanted me to be their licensed artist. It’s unbelievable, I never even

contacted them (I sent a lot of e-mails to different companies for

submission), Thank you for the videos, I know they work BIG


Kind regards,



Richard, I just wanted to send you a quick note. I’m running behind on my

weekly lessons for the Breakthrough to Brilliance series but just finished

lesson 2. I addressed an obstacle, I’m not sure if it was fear, but it’s

keeping me from financial success and I was amazed at the visualization

exercise. I was literally moved to tears during it. Thank you so much for your


I have begun a coaching career and hope that my teachings are just as good for

my clients as yours have been for me. Thank you so much.



Thank you, for writing to me.

I am very happy to read all your instructions and directions.

I love the video you recommended to watch with different people, with Bob

Proctor, Bob Doyle’s, Natalie Ledwell and John Assaraf.

All of them are amazing people and they gave very useful information.

I started doing a lot of things actually, nonetheless I am busy with

preparation for the interview and for searching A JOB.

I started writing My Perfect Day where I am describing what I want in my

life and I am adding more and more into this document. Eventually I want to

describe how Do I want to start and where my day. How do I want to spend

time during that DAY, doing what etc.

I am watching video millionaire mind. I am visualizing. I chose a pictures

of luxury house, cars, having a lot of money. I saved them in word and

looking at them every day.

I say affirmation two time a day in the morning and at night: I EASILY



I KNOW THAT SOON- AT THE END OF APRIL 2011, ON APRIL 29, I’ll receive a job


This will be the job I want this will be a Business Analyst


Then I concentrate more on the becoming a Billionaire and when I get my job

I’LL buy you CD’s.


Anyway, I would like to thank you for all your help and advises and please

keep writing to me.

With love ,



Thank you Richard and your Team for these videos and about other valuable materials! They do come exactly in the right time always!

They are very motivating and keep my wheels going in a positive way :)

I hope you all happy week :)

With many warm blessings; Tarja Sakki from Finland


I have been listening to the Sky Rocket your self confidence since the day I

ordered your videos and I have already had great results with it.

I am in a business where I ultimately have to do presentations. I started the

business about 7 months ago but was too afraid to do the presentations so other

people would do them instead of me. I listened to your video every day for

about 4 days and was able to do my first presentation at a Central Meeting which

is the most important meeting we have with lots of people rather than just the

one on one we normally do. I was able to do it without even feeling nervous.

WOW. I was amazed!!!

I will recommend your videos to others in my organization.

Thank you Noel.

Have a wonderful day!!



*Thank you Richard, I was really in need of sth like this *

*I dont knnow how you reached me, I dont remember visiting your website, but

I know that it was really a remedy for me today*

*I am Brazilian, we are very far from each other, but dont vanish ok? I

enjoyed your video a lot, and I am awaiting for new ones*


*warmly too*




Hi Richard,

Thank you for the video “Limiting Beliefs”. It made a whole lot of sense to me today!

I really appreciate this, as I am going to have to make some difficult decisions re work . You have inspired me .

Thanks again, and have a wonderful week,



Hi Noel,


I just needed this 4 ingridents, to have a base and foundation in my life. U are a star

Please send me the next mail, i’m waiting.

God bless



Thank you, Richard for all your help.


Thank you for the video….Since it “feels like” a complete overhaul it was

picking wording that incompassed a couple that could be married, since they

would work together. Example, refinding my positve outlook and high energy

personality would chain react regaining control of my physical body and health.

Since this is a place I have been before and easy to see in my minds eye I

figured starting here was the smartest choice. Next, I plan to introduce

finance. I always work in a postion of management for other companies, I am

competitive so my stores always increase. NOW my focus is to not work for

someone else but to do what I do and put myself in a position to have a cash

flow for myself like I have done for corporations. I do not plan on giving up

the time raising the two kids I have now. I did think I was past the raising

kids age and had plans for my life (I am so far from where I was headed).

Just in the few days I have put into practice some of the things you have sent

and joined it with some of Depak Choppra’s relaxation and meditation -breathing

techniques I can see a change in me. So I watch for your emails. Decided quite

frankly even if it was a hoax it had gotten me to focus and can already feel an

internal change of how I react-and think.

Thank you for your time and when I have enough to get the videos I will….

right now I have 192. a month to take care of 2 kids and one who has been under

dr care for while.. but all it GETTING BETTER AND HOPE AT THE END OF THE

TUNNEL :-) . Statement is purely to let you know I am aware the best thing I

could do is order the videos.. just not realistic or possible for a few more

weeks. Unless the energy to change my income pops into play and I have one of

those slap ya in the face dawning lol

Again thank you


I only had time to download The Awakening & Unshakable Confidence – They are

Great – I love the Audio!

This week I received offers on ALL of my Real Estate Listings!


Wonderful! I am a huge fan and hated to miss out on the updated version.

Thanks very much.


I ordered your course 2 weeks ago. Your first two lessons are

fantastic, as are your subliminal tapes. You are right! There was an

immediate response just listening to the tapes, and moved out a deep

fear after listening to the NLP-overcoming fear-technique, that I had

been unable to access or even identify after years of Meditation and

study. Everything helps it seems, but nothing has worked so fast and

as dramatically as that.. The most amazing thing was the targeting

of a specific cause for a specific fear that in turn led to a lot of

self- sabotaging attitudes and behaviors. All that in a few short

days. I am truly awe-struck.

I am looking forward to lesson three and four and finishing the

course. Your special offer is fantastic, but at this time, I am

unable to take advantage of it. Thanks for inquiring about my

progress. Thank You for all your hard work and for your course.




This is so exciting!! For the first time in my life I am in control!

I am a naturally shy, introvert person, or so I thought. The subliminal

videos combined with the Breakthrough to Brilliance course has changed all


People have started taking notice of me. I am included in conversations

where before I was mainly ignored. I was told recently that I am a natural

leader by my co-workers!! Me, who could have never stand up for my beliefs!!

I must tell you that recently I got a promotion in my job. Everyone told me

that there wasn’t a person more deserving of this than me.

I received a card from my friends saying that I am a REMARKABLE WOMAN.!!

I just cannot yet understand how all this could be happening in such a short


I look forward every week for the next lesson.Io have printed each lesson so

far and stored them in a folder as you recommended. They are great.

Things are happening so fast at the moment and I am enjoying every second!

Thank you for changing my life.


~Sangre Grande


Hello Richard, my name is and I want to thank you for the way you have

written thisprogram. Since beginning with the program 5 weeks ago I have noticed

exponential spiritual and tangible growth. It’s amazing and I can thank your training

for it. Also I thank you for making the program reachable economically in the

beginning especially.



~Golden Valley


My name is Salamatu and I am currently digesting and working through

Lesson 6 in My Breakthrough to Brilliance supported by your insights and teachings.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for being one of the visionaries

and teachers in my life helping me to re-connect to the brilliance of my being,

my passion, my purpose and my divine right and responsibility to manifest and

enjoy the highest vision that pulsates in my very being. At this stage, there have

been many breakthroughs on many levels and I only have a few moments

right now so I will reach out to you later with a more detailed sharing, but I just

had to thank you for following your path and calling which has lit the way for me

and I dare say many others!

Yours in Peace and Magnificent Blessings


~New York City


I want to say thank you for your program. I have been working for the

past couple years to “clear the clutter” so I could move ahead and manifest the

situations in my life I truly want. And your exercises have probably been more

valuable to me in that regard than any of the other programs I’ve worked with.

I’m so glad I signed on!


~Los Angeles


little or nothing to report as to changes in my feelings, actions or indeed

in my life. However, this evening I had a breakthrough.

I have had the feeling of quiet anticipation since Christmas and have been

watching the videos and reading my script each day, doing the exercises and

meditating, waiting for something to happen.

A relationship had become rather distant and I didn’t know just how I could

let go. It was done for me and my feelings are of joy, pleasure (for him),

relief (that I didn’t have to make any decision) and an uplifting feeling

that all is ‘on its way’ for me. I am so excited – at WHAT I am not sure -

that I had to tell someone and who better than you.

I love the whole program and am working on the ‘bugs’ that need ironing out.

Things are not nearly so bad as they were – or at least seemed to be. Thank

you for being there and listening to me.




I just have to tell you how deeply touched I am by your guided visualization

- by what happened inside me first time I followed through – and by your

voice and program so far.

There is so much appreciation in me for what you are, what you have to share

and how you do share what you know and experienced yourself.

Thank you from the depth of who I am.


~St. Gallen


….just a few words of praise for how you have both ‘laid out’ and ‘worded’

this course Richard…It’s hard for me to be involved… and not show my up most gratitude and

appreciation. I reckon you’d (continuously) have a fair bit on yer slate to do each day

Richard… (that’s why I’ve been hesitant sending this) …so I’ll leave ya

with the purpose of this email …a sincere ‘thanks’…. & good on yer mate!




Thank you very much,I really do appreciate your time,and I must tell you

yesterday I landed myself a job with a 200k income,how about that,now all I have to

do is get my on again off again girl friend to be on again for ever.

Many thanks and kind regards





Hello and good day to you, Mr Richard A. Luck. Must say that I am so very happy

to be on this course with you. I am very impressed with Lesson #2 and I wait in

anticipation for lesson #3. Your life story is so very similar to mine, and that is

what makes me comfortable with you. I am totally excited to be going through this

journey at this time of my life with you, Thanks. This is just what I have always wanted.

You brought tears to my eyes several times,and precious memories and event came rushing

through.Thus far you have delivered what you promise, and I look forward to more of this life

changing experience. I am very pleased we’ve met too.


~New York City


I did receive the disk today and immediately checked it and all three

modules worked. I want To thank you so very much because as I did

the exercise, I was able to replace an old fear that I have had for many

many years. I was so delighted that I could do this and will use it on many

More fears that I have!


I know that it took you some time to make this disk for me and to mail it to

me, and I want you to Know how much that I appreciate you taking that time to do it.

One doesn’t usually get such personal Service on the programs that they buy!

I can feel that you do care and want the best for all of us.

Much love and many hugs,




Dear Mentor,

I want to let you know that your course has been very helpful and am

enjoying every bit of it. thank you again..




I love these videos and I appreciate your great customer service.





Dear Richard

I know you’ve heard this before, but not from me. THANK YOU!

Your Breakthrough To Brilliance program has worked a miracle in me

and I’m only in week three. I can’t wait to see how high I’m flying next week. Soaring!!!

I’ve been a believer in affirmations for a long time (Tony Robbins-Zig Ziglar-The Secret)

but have never seen the results in the mirror the way I’m seeing myself today. Again, thank you.

Be Blessed,


PS… You’ll be first on the invitation list for my #1 Best Sellers party…

Teresa (Alabama, USA)


Hi Richard!

It’s only been 2 days watching videos 1 and 2 and 3 morning and night…

i am experiencing such deep paradigm shifts. thank you!

Thank you and God bless you!



Margaret – USA


Hi Richard!

My name is Michelle and I just have to say THANK YOU for your amazing

work! I listened to your interview with Debra Poneman on the Your Life

Without Limits teleseminar and immediately ordered the subliminal video

series. I have just finished watching the first two videos and I can’t

believe how uplifting they are. I felt an immediate change in my

underlying feelings and attitude. In fact, I watched the second video two

times in a row because I just didn’t want it to end



Michelle – NY United States

Really enjoying your Success Accelerator Videos, they are really up lifting and it’s fasinating how they work!


Joy – USA