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The topic that very few people are willing to touch…

by Richard on

loopofsuccessskillsetThe next installment in the loop of success is “skill-set”

I’ve been saying all the way that no one component for the “loop of success” will work without all the support from the other components.

And skill-set is something that is so often overlooked or not talked about by other coaches, perhaps because they think it’s too big a topic to cover, or they just don’t know how.

One of the jobs that I used to do, when I worked in the corporate world, was to manage some very large projects.

I learned so much about how to step into a completely new field and deliver a project on time and under budget. Project management is a greatly underestimated skill that everyone should have.

If you understand the principles of project management, there is literally no project you can’t do. And you can apply the skills to any area of your personal life as well, including losing weight, finding a partner, improving your relationships, becoming a better skier, owning your own home much faster, etc etc.

So, to teach you how to develop a skillset, all I need to do is show you how to manage a project.

Obviously, I can’t do that in one blogpost, but I sure can give you the core principles which will allow you get you going in the right direction.

So here we go…

Lets pick losing weight as an example of a dream or desire you might have.

I have to assume that you have the right desire and the right mindset to lose weight.

Step one – Describe the current situation? – state all the facts, and only the facts. You need to be honest with yourself. (this is the same for every project)

1. I’m 10 lb overweight

2. I’ve been trying to lose the 10 lb for 5 years with no success

3. I find it very challenging to get the time to exercise.

4. I love my red wine and food


Step two – What is the desired situation? This is the fun part :)

1. I have a flat, ripped belly.

2. I eat healthy foods and enjoy them as much as the weight gaining foods that I used to eat.

3. I exercise for 30 to 60 minutes everyday, and enjoy it.


Step three – What are the roadblocks standing between my current situation and my desired situation? Got to be honest…

1. Finding healthy foods that taste as good as the weight gaining foods, that I don’t have to worry about counting calories.

2. Finding the time to prepare the healthy foods

3. Finding an exercise routine that I can enjoy, and look forward to doing each day.

4. Finding the time to do the exercise each day

5. Is the extra cost (everything costs either time or money, or some combination of both) within my budget?


Step four –  Who do I need to engage to help me overcome the obstacles? Do I want to use an expert, or do I want to do it myself?

You have a choice to make at this point:

1. Reinvent the wheel, do it all yourself. Advantage is that the initial financial outlay will be lower, but the time to see the results will be substantially longer.

2. Find someone who has already done it and is willing to help you do it too. Advantage is you will see your dream come true much faster, disadvantage is general the initial financial outlay will be higher.

Each of us is different. My experience has shown me that the financial cost of doing it yourself is always higher, but it feels like it is lower. The reason is because you’re not outlaying a huge upfront cost.

Generally speaking it’s lots of small investments when you do it yourself. But if you actually look back and add it all up, it’s usually substantially higher than what it would have cost had you engaged an expert. And the expert gets you the result much faster.

The other thing to consider here is the difference between a Coach and a field expert. So a good coach will understand the loop of success that we have been talking about, and how to guide you through it, including the skill-set (project management)  step.

A field expert will be a person who has expertise in what it is you are trying to achieve. Sometimes they will be the same person, more often than not, they won’t.

So, if this was me, I would opt for a good coach (I already have one of those) and start looking for a weight loss expert who understands my obstacles and knows how to help me overcome them, in conjunction with my coach.


Step five – What do I need to do in the next hour, day, week and month to see this dream get started?

In this example, it’s not that hard.

1. Within the next hour write out the steps for the rest of today, the rest of this week and the rest of this month

The rest of the question will be answered from that plan.

Always remember, the foundations for a project (your dream) are cast in stone (that is the 5 steps we’ve just talked about) and the plan is written in sand. That means it’s very flexible, so as we learn more we adjust and grow the plan.

Well that was a little longer than I would have liked, but as you can see it’s a hugely important component of the loop of success.

I haven’t talked about “Universal Energy” involvement or the value of support and encouragement, but I will be soon :)

If I’m helping you, then I’d love it if you’d help me by liking this post.

I always love reading your comments, it helps me learn more about you and what I can do to make your life more rewarding and fulfilling, so please leave one, rocks or roses…




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Sam Menda December 8, 2016 at 12:46 am

Thankyou much.
Have not tried any such info but
Will put in action.


Richard December 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Hey Sam, Give it a try man, and let me know how it works for you.



Grace December 7, 2016 at 7:09 am

Thank you ……

This is the first blog I have read that actually gives a starting point to my need to focus.


Richard December 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Hey Grace – I’m glad we’re able to help. Lots of more great info coming…



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