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Beyonce Admits failure…

by Richard on

beyonceBeyonce, and many other successful celebrities, athletes, business people, etc all admit that Failure has been a huge part of their life. And it’s that failure which has been the key to their success because of what they learn from it.

This is a perfect place to start from in our discussion about “Mindset” today…


Before we dive in too deep, lets get clear about something!

Everyone in the Self Development Industry talks about Mindset, how important it is, and how making changes will almost instantly create success in your life.

We’ll I’m here to tell you that is only about 1/3 of the truth, and it’s why a lot people are struggling fulfilling their dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, the right thinking is critical to your success, the wrong mindset guarantees no success, no doubt.

But, the right mindset does not guarantee success!

I want to say this again, just working with your mindset does not ensure or guarantee your success. In fact, if it’s not paired correctly with the right skill set, it will almost certainly prevent success from ever arriving.

I just want to give you the distinction before we move onto discussing mindset and sharing some important tools to help you get the right thinking.

The other day we were talking about my powerful passion for snow skiing.

To become a really good skier (expert, not advanced) you need to allocate a huge amount of time, money, and energy into it. To support that you must have a real desire, which is at the top of the “loop of success”.

Then you need to put your fears aside of the extremely steep terrain you’ll be skiing. And you need to have the confidence you can do it. This is somewhat oversimplified, but it’s mindset.

Then you need to know how to ski expert terrain, you need specialized skis and boots, and you need training by experts. This is skill set.

All three of these attributes work together to give you the desired outcome or behavior.

We’ll be talking a lot more about skillset in the next couple of days, lets bring the focus back to mindset today.

I can’t address all the possible mindset variables in this post, so lets work on the single biggest one that most people have to deal with, sometimes even without their conscious knowledge.


It could be the fear or success, failure, embarrassment / shame, rejection, money, love, dying or just about anything else you can think of. And I’ve worked with clients for all of those fears and a whole lot more that I haven’t mentioned.

In my own personal life, there was a time when I was afraid to look at my bank balance because I knew there was almost nothing there. And that fear caused me to make some pretty stupid choices, which caused me to stay almost brook for far longer than I should have. When I pushed myself through that fear, and a few others I had, that’s when I went on to become financially independent.

So, if you have a fear how do you overcome it?

The first thing to do is to recognize it. This is somewhat more challenging when you are trying to find it our on your own because there is so many possible variations, that’s why I say everyone should have a coach. ┬áIf you are going to work it out on your own, then one of the best self diagnosis tools is the question “why…”

All you have to do is ask yourself “Why am I not successful at….”. And keep asking yourself why, until you’ve pushed past 3 blank spots. A blank spot is where you have to dig really deep for the answer, it doesn’t immediately come to mind.

So it might look something like this:

Why am I not successful at losing weight? – immediate answer, I don’t have the time to exercise.

Next Question – Why don’t I have the time to exercise to lose weight? immediate answer, because I’m always busy.

Next Question – Why am I always to busy to find the time to exercise so I can lose weight?

And so on and so on until you’ve pushed past 3 blank spots. You’ll discover any fears you have, as long as you’re honest with yourself. I’d suggest you write the answers down.

This exercise will help you discover your fears, and discover is a big step towards getting past them.

Love to know what you think of the exercise, so please leave some feedback in the comments section…

The next post we will be talking about skill set, and how is it is to overcome this huge piece of the puzzle….




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LOUISA December 6, 2016 at 6:34 am

Hi Richard – I was in the process of “decluttering” my mail box when I came across your
post, read it and found it to be an easy read, practical/sensible and a definate “must keep”
Am looking forward to your “skill set” post.
ta so much for sharing your knowledge
regards from Johannesburg, S.A.


Richard December 6, 2016 at 2:31 pm

Thanks Louisa, Yup the skill set post(s) are going to be awesome, first one comes out tomorrow.



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